Yamaha R15 V3 The best in 150cc?

Yamaha R15 V3 is here, the best of 150cc? OR IS IT?

As we all know, Yamaha has been the face of the sportbike industry since ages by their quick accelerating engines and the R15’s have made sure that still today every teenage kid dreams of it. Be it the sporty look or the low-end grunt it gives, it catches your attention. Yamaha is tweaking power of this 150cc motor to give that grunt and thrill it stands for and this time too, they’ve hit the bullseye! Yamaha R15 V3 is Best in the 150cc segment with VVA

Nothing is perfect, right? So let’s take a deep dive and see the best and kind of turn off’s for Yamaha R15 V3!

Design– When the looks of R1 are altered and framed to a powerful motor of 150cc? Masterpiece! I can’t deny, the new R15 V3 looks so good on this delta box frame! The dual-tone color scheme of blue and black runs throughout the body giving it a more muscular and bold look. The tank is perfect, it has a good grip to your knees going around the corners. The elements of Legendary R1 adds the touch, the similar shaped all-LED headlights are just gorgeous and that cowl air-vent is there to give the aerodynamic efficiency and the LED taillight is just too pretty. Exhaust with carbon fiber touch looks as good as it sounds!. Tyres are 17Inchers shod alloy and they are tubeless, they are now wider and providing better grip on road by 100/80 at the front and 140/70 at rear dimensions


Hardware-Here is where new R15 V3 stands out, this comes with VVA(Variable Valves Actuation) which means in simpler words it allows this engine to run two different valve timings. For example, you will get better grunt when you are in your low RPM as needed and as you proceed to higher RPM it will give better output by the second valve. This is the first bike in India to get VVA at such price and in 150cc segment. R15 V3 comes with all digital console units which consist of everything like Speedometer, tachometer, odometer, trip meter, clock, shift light, VVA Indicator and a USB port for Charging. It comes with dual-channel ABS and it also features AHO(Auto headlight on) which means headlight is turned on full time. It has a slipper clutch that gives more stability to the wheel and you can now downshift aggressively!


Comfort– This is something we all know the answers, R15 V3 still consists of very aggressive posture. Sitting on this one and you are on track. These footpegs are super rear set and have a very committed riding posture. The pillion seat is of no talks it is still on the first floor and might be very uncomfortable for pillion on long rides. There are very fewer vibrations until you hit the red line and there is a minor buzz on footpegs and near the tank. It is good and perfect for someone looking for a typical sportbike with a committed seating posture and if they can go hours and hours on this bike, touring is possible because of fewer vibrations.


Engine– Yamaha R15 V3 has a 154cc engine, it’s a single-cylinder 4 stroke SOHC engine and is liquid-cooled. It is a better engine than the previous Engines in all terms. This engine produces 19.30PS of peak power at 10,000 RPM and the top torque output stands at 15Nm at 8,500 RPM which is almost 2 percent more than the previous models. You also have VVA assist which helps to manage the power output throughout the rev band

Performance- The engine gives good low-end pickup and grunt because of VVA and feels punchy. There will be times it can do a wheelie if launched well, there won’t be any hassle in traffic to overtake because all you have to do is downshift and it throws out the power you need. This can do a top of 135 Kmph and can tour at 80-90 comfortably without stressing the engine much. In traffic, there might be a bit of heating but it is manageable and can be overlooked. It is a real beast in the low and mid-end through which can achieve:

0-60 in 4.8 seconds.

0-100 in 8.7 seconds

VerdictYamaha R15 V3 is best in 150cc For a 150cc engine, this is value for money performance and we can’t ask for more! The performance and features offered at this pricing are a big plus. It definitely stands out with the performance. This is the sportbike on a budget we all wanted and we all have!

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