Things to do in Udaipur which are must (2020)

Udaipur is the city of Lakes and Hills, yes hills too! Udaipur is my favorite go-to place whenever I search for peace. Here I will tell, Things to do in Udaipur which are must (2020).

Here, I am gonna tell you all the things to do in Udaipur (2020) and give you every reason why Udaipur is the city of Lakes and Hills. This article will give you insights about traveling from Mumbai to Udaipur, Stay in Udaipur, Places to visit in Udaipur, and more when in Udaipur.

Udaipur- The city of lakes and Hills
On the way to Bahubali Hills

If you are planning your trip to Udaipur in Rajasthan, I’ll recommend to plan it after the monsoon. In my experience, It is the best time to be in Udaipur because there is greenery everywhere and lakes are full. But still don’t forget to carry your umbrellas, unexpected rains are possible anytime. August to November and January to March is the most favorable time of Udaipur weather.

Traveling to Udaipur- Udaipur is easily accessible from anywhere in India. The majority of the trains connect to Udaipur City Railway Station. I was traveling from Mumbai, the distance from Mumbai to Udaipur is around 750 km one way if you thinking to go by road. The closest airport from Udaipur is 20 km from the city center named Maharana Pratap Airport.

Udaipur- The city of lakes and Hills
Udaipur City Railway Station

The most comfortable and quickest is obviously flights to Udaipur but if you really want to enjoy the lush green scenery, you need to get on the train. We took the train from Borivali at 11.57 am which was 22901 Bandra to Udaipur city which reaches at 16.10 pm and is the quickest train to board on.

And boy oh boy! The whole journey is just so scenic. You will be seeing mountains covered in greens and lakes throughout the journey! When you breathe in that air, you will feel cleansed.

Stay in Udaipur-

Stay in Udaipur is a complicated choice just because there are so many options. From backpacker hostels to luxury palaces, Udaipur has everything to offer.

If you are a solo traveler, backpacking hostels are the best choice considering some known names like Zostel, Backpacker Panda and Banjara being easily accessible

Udaipur- The city of lakes and Hills

Do you want a scenic view with your breakfast and a romantic dinner all in one stay? The best is Treebo Udai Niwas. We stayed here and every day was a treat, the view from the rooftop cafe and how quirky the property is it is so mesmerizing.

This property is right in the middle of the city which makes everything on your to-do list easily reachable. It is right in front of Jagdish temple and next to Pichola lake and hathipole.

Getting Around-

For local transportation, you have all kinds of services. From the station to your hotel you can take a tuk-tuk (auto) but be careful you have to bargain.

For distances under 5 Km, the maximum you pay is 350 Rupees. There are no fixed charges so do your best at a bargain!
Once you reach your hotel, freshen up because the best way to explore Udaipur is on a two-wheeler.

Udaipur- The city of lakes and Hills

Yes, there are rentals everywhere and they are super cheap. We rented a Honda Navi which did the work and it was costing us 150 rupees per day! Quite cheap right? We got it right next to Jagdish Temple and in front of our hotel.

They will need your ID proof and your license number. Do have a check on the vehicle before you start the ride. They have everything from Activa to Royal Enfields.
Be aware of anything which triggers your guts while dealing with dealers for the rental, if in doubt skip it there is a town full of next ones!

Things to in Udaipur-

Udaipur has a lot of stuff to look forward to do in a day, so make your trip at least 4 days long to make sure you completed your checklist! We really wanted to do something which was a bit off the track and some obvious ones. So here are our recommendations for must-visit places in Udaipur-

1. Fatehsagar Driveby

Fan of marine lines in Mumbai? This is an upgrade. Fateshsagar is a 15-minute ride from Jagdish Temple and it is just so pretty. It is a stretch of lakeside sitting and eateries.

Udaipur- The city of lakes and Hills

The best time to visit this place is either the sunset or the sunrise. At the time of sunset, the sky is all purple and there is breeze. This is my top recommendation because of it just so peaceful and pretty to be there!

2. Badi Lake

This one is a bit tricky to find but once you reach you are never forgetting it! Badi lake is basically the best thing that can happen to you and your Instagram feed.

It is situated at the shore of a huge lake body surrounded by mountains. it’s a hidden gem so there is very less crowd and it is just so perfect for you to look at the sunset and also for a photoshoot.

Lake View
Badi Lake

The place is a half-hour to 45 Minutes ride from the city center. Do note – the place shuts early for good reasons so make sure you are out of the area before 6 in the evening. it is situated right behind the monsoon palace.

3. Saheliyon Ki Bari

Saheliyon Ki Bari is one of the beautiful and magical places. It is a really huge garden with fountains and lotus lakes. This is not too far from the city just a 15 Minute ride from treebo.

This place is better when we visit in the evenings because of less heat and it is more pretty at that time to experience it. There is a ticket for this which is not too expensive but between 10-40 Rupees.

Tip- Carry water bottle as it might get tiring because of long walks.

4. City Palace

It is something very common, yet we can’t resist not going to City Palace. It is right next to bada Bazaar and very gigantic and historical. City palace carries the history of Udaipur and all the battles fought. This is something all the history lovers will love.

The ticket is kind of expensive at 700 Rupees but if you are a college student you have a discount, so don’t forget your ID.

Udaipur- The city of lakes and Hills
City Palace

Tip-Getting a guide will be beneficial for around 300 Rupees which will help you for the palace walk-through as well as will give you in-depth knowledge about the same.

Warning – It is gonna be a long tour and will easily take half of your day.

5. Monsoon Palace

Sajjangarh Palace or Monsoon Palace is really famous and a big plus in scenic. Monsoon Palace is near Badi lake so you can plan both of them on the same day. The Palace is on a hilltop in a Jungle which is controlled by the government.

Monsoon Palace
View from Monsoon Palace

They also have a vehicle pick up and drop service from the entry point which is chargeable around 200 or 250 per person and entry fees extra, I don’ remember exactly.

You can also take your own vehicle and drive up to the palace. The palace provides a view of all the lakes in Udaipur.
Tip- If you are driving or riding up to the palace, be sure to be careful as there are steep climbs and blind turns!

6. Bahubali Hills

Another Hidden Gem! Bahubali Hills are near Badi lake and they are totally off the city limits. They are a group of hills around a lake body and you can also see Badi lake from that point. The scenic view from the top is just heaven.

To reach the top you have to trek for a half-hour to 45 minutes, not that difficult but obviously not a smooth path. You need to park your vehicles down at parking and start your ascend.

Bahubali Hills
Top of Bahubali Hills

Once you reach the top you can have some snacks from the only one small local eatery on the top. Continue for 5 more minutes to reach the finale, and what you will see is this.

These are the top and most different types of places you should visit next time you go to Udaipur.

What to eat and where?

Udaipur is very diverse when it comes to food. As there are many visitors from abroad, you can get everything from American breakfast to Typical Indian breakfast. Top picks for breakfasts are-

Udai art cafe-This cafe is right next to Jagdish temple. It serves authentic American breakfasts and delicacies. It has a hostel too for a stay and the food is total yum. Also, it is owned by a Russian woman and the art she draws is just eye-catching.

Udaipur- The city of lakes and Hills
Millets Of Mewar

Millets of Mewar- The restaurant is just simply amazing, the food is best we had till date and still can’t forget it. Millet aloo tikki is highly recommended and should be checked out.

I am totally in awe of the restaurant’s ambiance and how chilled out it is. In short- A must try!

If you want to try authentic food, you should try lal maas. There are many restaurants in the same line with Millets and you can hop in them as they are the best with authenticity.


As this trip comes to end, I am sure how much you love it. Udaipur is a place I won’t ever forget and it is just so energetic and mesmerizing every time.

I highly recommend to visit the beauty of this place and let me tell you it is gonna refresh your soul! I hope you enjoyed this read and it helped you with that push to go and visit this place.

Do share it with someone you planning to do a trip in the future and comment down what made you go and visit Udaipur.

Also have a check on my route and Itinerary on Goa, recommended for all the riders and soul searchers!

ThrottleThrobble signing off!

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