Mumbai to Goa bike ride

Mumbai to Goa bike ride, Bikers paradise!

Goa! It is a paradise for any bachelor or a soul explorer out there and we all should go and visit Goa once in our life time. But you know what is even better? Getting your squad together or just solo going on a ride, a Mumbai to Goa bike ride!

Sounds good right? Blazing through the highways with your squad or sound of your Royal Enfield or any tourer, It just gives your soul a reset. Here I am gonna tell you all the preparations, Routes and do’s and dont’s in your Mumbai to Goa bike ride and share my experience with the same.

This is something I highly recommend doing once if you are into bikes because once you do, you will get rid of the Goa Bike rental scene.

Mumbai to Goa bike ride

The first time I went to Goa I was 19, yes 19! I lied to my parents (not something I recommend while going on rides).

I told them there is a group of my friends going to Lonavala and I made them agree on that at least. So never lie when you are going on such long rides because you don’t know what is going to happen and eventually you are gonna get caught!

I was alone with my partner and other friends were going by train from Mumbai and she was pillion! Remember a great pillion is a great support! Pillion is who supports and motivates you when you are tired or in any trouble and the pillar for you throughout that distance!

Mumbai to Goa and Bangalore to Goa is the most famous routes.

Mumbai to Goa bike ride
Baga Beach

Preparations-As a 19 YO I was stressed and scared but really excited, I made sure that I don’t do any mistakes which might get me in trouble. The first thing I recommend is to get carriers, they will take the burden of your luggage and you don’t have to worry about it.

I was on a tight budget so we took backpacks but made sure that the weight shouldn’t be an issue so we made it light and only important stuff which we might need on the way! We gave the rest of the luggage away to our friends.

I highly recommend carrying a first aid kit with you for some situations which you might not have to face! Also, book your stay or hotels in Goa in advance because this might get tiring in end!

If this is your first ride, you don’t need to stress. You can do this and just prepare your mind with all the excitement leaving the stress behind.

Bike- Now this is something really important. You need to service your bike before going to any rides, no matter when it was the last service. Get your mechanic or go to your service center and get it done!

I own a Royal Enfield 1985 standard, it is a cast-iron model so I have to be extra careful with every part and bolt. I got my bike a total check right from suspensions to the engine, everything. The 346 CC Enfield is smooth and handles the roads pretty well. Surprisingly, I experience zero shoulder pain because of the handlebar. The bike is equipped only with halogen lights and a phone holder.

Few things I totally recommend checking your engine oil, clutch plates, brake liners, and your tyres, you are good to go. If you have a budget do upgrade to fog lights with hazard lights system.

Route- The distance between Mumbai to Goa is roughly around 600 km one way. It usually takes 10-12 hours and 14 hours max with sufficient breaks and rest.

I will suggest to take the route of AH 47 rather than the route of NH 66, because of fewer facilities and not safe to ride at night as it is on the Konkan stretch. But mind you NH 66 is a visual treat at times and AH 47 might get little boring straight highway.

AH 47 route will be like Mumbai-Pune-Satara-Kolhapur-Belgaum-Goa. There will be sufficient facilities in between Mumbai to Goa and there will be ghats in Lonavala and as you will be entering Goa as we all know.

Cabo De Rama

The Ride- We started the ride from Andheri at 2 AM in the night. The reason behind starting late at night meant that I wanted to cross the Goan ghat in the daylight itself. I have an idea of Lonavala Ghat so I didn’t worry about that.

We reached Lonavala at 4 AM in the morning and it was peaceful. There will be few trucks which might be annoying but that will last till Pune.

I couldn’t do high speeds because I was enjoying the vintage feels and I took my own sweet time. I recommend maintaining a speed of 80 Kmph so you can go miles as well as not stress your bike.

Take regular breaks in between for you and bike, it’s not good for your bike to give up under stress! We took breaks for 15 mins to half hours every 3 hours to fuel up the bike and ourselves. It will take you around 1 in the afternoon to reach

Finally Goa- The feeling of accomplishment of your first ride? GREAT! After a long ride, we just crashed in our hotels and got freshen up. The feeling of riding your own bike in any other place is something which you can’t describe.

The beaches of Goa on your own bike is something magical. Goa has everything from offroading to beach to casinos in Goa. It is just more fun when you are on your own Bike.

We stayed in South Goa and North Goa both, hands down south Goa is more beautiful and peaceful. Few must-visit places in Goa are- Cabo De Rama, Cola Beach, Three Kings Church, Sweet lake, Arambol.

Mumbai to Goa bike ride

For every Royal Enfeild owner, Visit Royal Enfield Garage Cafe which is near Baga. You wont forget the experience there.

Do share with someone you planning to head Goa after Quarantine and comment down your experience with Mumbai to Goa bike ride.

ThrottleThrobble Signing off!

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